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These two questions can conjure a multitude of issues. 
1.  Has your town, city, county, or even state seen a massive influx of new Hispanic arrivals? 

2.  Is your local or state government at a loss on how to manage the flood of new residents to your community? 

The only subject, I wish to address is the “HOW” to reach US born Hispanics and New Arrivals to your community and "How" to convert them to consumers, students, and or Spokes Persons of your products and or services.

The issues of documented, undocumented, legal or illegal, I am leaving to another time and place.  But, I will address the “HOW” to gain the Hispanic as a loyal consumer and the “HOW” to gain the newly arrived in the assimilation process as a loyal consumer, because there are considerable differences.

The "How" Is No Secret
Eduardo Alberto has been a professional speaker and consultant for decades, primarily speaking in the corporate community.   He has a special and unique ability to speak to both English and Spanish speaking audiences.

As a recognized Hispanic leader, he seeks to fulfill the need for communication, education, and to be a positive influence to those wishing to embrace and attract the Hispanic consumer and community. 

Eduardo's new and soon to be released DVD's entitled,  "You Can’t Sell Me If You Don’t Know Me" –the Hispanic consumer, will share many of Ed's most powerful success tools which anyone can apply to penetrating and reaching the Hispanic market.
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