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International Speaker, Expert Hispanic Marketing Strategist,

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Eduardo Alberto (Ed) Wagner is a leading authority on marketing to Hispanics/Latinos and on building business relationships for today and the future.  Ed combines an endearing magnetism into a unique style that consistently captivates his audiences.       With the TRUTH  & HARD-HITTING FACTS.
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Every presentation Eduardo Alberto gives contains a unique blend of honest, practical, informative and educational substance. Audiences receive practical, ready to implement business and marketing information that can be applied immediately. 

Eduardo Alberto’s passion is to help make a difference in the lives of Hispanic consumers and in the business lives of those who embrace them, not only as a consumer, but as a community.  Ed's commitment to clients is, study their specific or unique needs and then adapt his expertise and experience to suit and meet their respective needs and objectives. 

In the name of Diversity we are challenged to create an environment where all people can utilize positive and encouraging programs that will enable them to progress and become successful.
There is No Secret
to reaching and penetrating
the Hispanic Market!

No Secret to public relations
No Secret to advertising
No Secret to internet marketing
No Secret to sponsor programs
No Secret to trans-creation
                      vs translation

The Truth about Spanish-language Media.

What Spanish-language Media doesn’t tell you!

The real story about when to and when
to use
Spanish-language Media.