Training for
Television/Radio Sales Teams
The video at the top right provides a glimpse of a training session provided for a Spanish-language TV Sales Team.

Spanish-language and English-language Media Representatives are provided valuable information on the "HOW" it should be presented to potential clients.

Media Representatives learn about the diverse Hispanic cultures.  They receive many insights on "HOW" to better know Hispanics, so that they may sell to Hispanic consumers and businesses in both English and Spanish.   
Training, Advertising and Public Relations for
Educational Institutions
Does your Agency or Representative know the difference?

Education  Based Advertising & Public Relations
Sales Advertising

Training programs... tailored to fit
your business and industry.
  • Education (Media for Student Recruting)
  • Auto industry Executives and Sales Teams
  • Financial industry Bank and Credit Union Executives also financial advisors
  • Broadcast Media (Television & Radio),
Executives, Sales Teams, Affiliate Stations, and Independents

Media training for businesses of all sizes
  • Learn  "HOW" to work with both Spanish and English-language media
  • Learn "HOW" to determine and choose the right media and language to best deliver   
                your message
  • Learn the TRUTH about "HOW" to reach and penetrate Spanish speaking, English       speaking, and bilingual Hispanics
All training programs provide a better understanding of    diversity, Hispanic cultures.
Most Requested Topics:

  • Cross-Cultural Media, PR, and Advertising (English vs. Spanish-language)
  • Cross-Cultural Business to Business
  • Better understanding of Hispanics & Hispanic Market
  • Contracts
  • Banking
  • Automobile
  • Media
  • Education
Eduardo Alberto (Ed) Wagner ... your "HOW" guide to reaching and penetrating the Hispanic Market!